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What is your biggest fear?

Do you ever feel like somebody is always watching you, dictating your life?

Do you feel like you are not able to distinguish good from evil?

The Devil is sitting at the corner of my bed,

Smirking at me with his beautiful eyes

Whistling through his glistening teeth.

I cannot move

Leg twitching, but also cannot move

I am at his power to make me a puppet

Strings on joints are tight, too tight

Touch feels so gracious and innocent

Yet it holds the terror of human race

How can the Devil be so good and evil?

It is a human wearing his face

Or the Devil wearing the face of us

Either way, it seems too easy to love him

Maybe it's just a dream

Maybe the Devil doesn't exist,

But we all know his biggest trick

We are guilty of our deeds

And the Devil is guilty of his

Game inspired by my book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084T37M97

This is my short horror game project based on a book that I am writing.

If you like it  I would appreciate it if you would donate so that I can invest more of my time into making games, to make other project or further improve this one.

Or you can simply buy me a beer ;)

I hope you will enjoy this game and I would be happy if you would give me any feedback.

Thank you!


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This game gave me the mega chills! It was really interesting to see how the environment would interact with me, especially sound. The one thing that always captures my attention besides visuals is the quality of audio the game has and in Hell Loop, it's damn good! It led me to have a really good experience with the game, although the shortness and the sudden end to it made the scare factor leave me. Other than that, it was a really spooky game and I enjoyed it! Keep it up! I played this in my video. Hell Loop starts at 5:20

You definitely captured the chilling atmosphere and anticipation of doom. I loved that! There just needs to be more of a story, more 'game' really, i.e. objectives, plot, enemies, etc. I hope you further development for this!

Good work! 

Very short but nicely done! 

Muy interesante, me gustaría leer el libro. Comienza minuto 9:00

Gracias. Tienes un lance en mi pagina.

Gave it a go...

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my video here (the game is the 3d there):


1. The sound design was very creepy! I love how it created a sense of danger, though there were no actual danger.

2. I love the story of being unable to escape your personal hell. The epilogue definitely helped understanding it!


1. It would be awesome to see the lore of the game developed a bit more. I mean, if that is a hell loup then what is your punishment? Maybe it would be cool to be killed on each layer or to constantly run away from fire or see someone die or kill someone or anything like that.

2. The environment was a bit bland. The corridors were empty. It would be cool if some pieces of the story could be understood through things around you or even pictures and photos on walls.


Enjoyed playing the game! For me it was interesting but didn't involve me as much. I think the game is a bit empty even for being such a short experience. But it is still not bad at all. For me it is a 4/5 experience.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Strange game but looking good :) (2:24)

Game looks good! (6:05)

very scary. atmospheric!

starts at 37:10

hello! i liked this short little horror game alot! the story of it is good of looping through your own personal hell because of not being able to let go of guilt and sins. Heres the gameplay if ya wanna see! it starts at 3:10 :P 

might just be me but it ran really slowly and the mouse sensitivity/filter has no option to lower, so I couldn't play it at all :( made me terribly motion sick

great game.... starts at 21 something.

Dope game

You forgoten the collider in the end!

The devil is drinking beer and has no time to play with you.

I had a terribly great time playing this game! It’s a shame it was so short because I was loving the atmosphere! If you ever get the chance to expand upon this game, please by all means let me know! Here is my experience with the Game, I hope you enjoy:) (it is the first game I play)


It was interesting!

An interesting game with what seems to be an interpretation of your novel, the atmosphere builds up nicely and felt very unnerving and leaves you waiting for a scare.

 It would be interesting to see later on if there is some voice acting and maybe a short story leading up to the climax and why the character seems to be riddled with sin and is fearing going to the fiery depths that is known as Hell.

I could be wrong but that is what the impression felt like, all in all though a great enjoyable experience.

Thank you for playing...
Well, I am not much of a voice actor, but I would also like to have some sort of narration implemented.

i like the game. i would say make it alittle longer and add some some scares to it. 


it was actually pretty effective for what it is. Curious about your other projects!

Thank you very much... other projects are coming. Be ready! :)

This was really cool! Such a great creepy atmosphere behind this game. The pacing was done really well. I just wish it was longer! 

Hell Loop

Created by Jaboblu

Tried out Hell Loop! Very awesome game with a abstract twist, awesome job!

Thank you once again for playin!

No problem! Keep up the work!

This game feels like its a story that should be told over a longer form? Or perhaps I have missed something. There are parts which are a little too dark and got me lost, but otherwise, the premise is great.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Hopefully I got the idea of it right!

very interesting game. It gave me vibes from movie platform and another game called human. I love it :) I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

interesting game

Not a whole lot of sustenance to work with here and definitely some things to work on as I mentioned in my let's play. Please make sure to check out that out and drop a like while you're there! 

A bit short but interesting game, extending it to around a 10 minute gameplay would be ideal.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


Just uploaded a vid on this game and it's really cool. Make sure to check it out, thanks guys! *It's the 2nd game*

Hey is this related to burden?


Hmmmm... I want to hear what you think.


Interesting game, pretty short but I would like to see more. I made a video of this if anyone would like to check it out. (First Game)


Good game, very short, I want to see more progress, I want you to help me and subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1


It feels like one of those pamphlets you find on your car after going to the grocery store.


short and good

Thank you for playing

Gave me the chills, but was hoping for a longer experience. Still a good effort.


Thank you a lot for playing. This was more like a short experiment for my future project. But I am glad that you liked it :)


If you could add some ghosts, it would be perfect